Friday, August 28, 2009

Democrat Astro Turf

Kyle-Anne Shiver details some thuggery of recent months that tries to pass for political activism in today's column at American Thinker. No wonder that *Democrats immediately accuse the Republicans of astro turfing the town hall meetings and tea parties. They have to recruit attendees (see jobs listings at places like Craig's list), bus the demonstrators to selected locations (note descriptions of bystanders at said meetings), and then pay people (or at least furnish tee shirts, signs, and more) to demonstrate. And according to Rush Limbaugh, they even recruited union members to visibly mourn along the route and at the library for Ted Kennedy's memorial yesterday.

The Clowns just can't quite comprehend large numbers of people making their own signs, doing their own research, and paying their own way to attend political demonstrations without coercion or visible rewards. They can't imagine the intense love for country and the constitution that most Americans have, because all they care about is power. To them patriotism is perfunctory at best.

*Many Republicans think the same things about patriotic demonstrators, but since the media tends to ignore them, no one knows their assessment.

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