Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Greatest Threat We Face

America's greatest threat is not just from a nuclear device, although a nuclear attack would certainly be horrible. Our greatest threat from rogue countries is from ballistic missiles. Such a missile could arrive at its US target within 33 minutes from either Iran or North Korea. It would not only carry a nuclear bomb big enough to wipe out a large city, but also electromagnetic devices that would destroy our entire electrical grid.

Think about it. Suppose Washington, DC and/or New York City destroyed by a bomb and the rest of the country paralysed by lack of electricity. How could we communicate? Carry on business? Take instructions on how to fight back? Get medical care? How long would it take just to get the power back on?

Heritage Foundation has a trailer about their documentary, 33 Minutes. Watch it for more information. Then demand the best possible missile defense system. We need that a whole lot more than we need socialized medicine or yet another "stimulus."

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