Friday, April 17, 2009

Action Alert: Contact Your Senators

When the Congressional Clowns come back from their Easter holiday, they will vote on additional Obama appointees. While I probably would not approve anyone on the list, I understand that generally a president needs to fill judicial vacancies. However, Judge David Hamilton’s record is so offensive, he should be rejected.

He used to raise money for ACORN and work for the ACLU. President Clinton appointed him to the District Court bench in the nineties despite the rating “not qualified” that the American Bar Association had given him. Now, Obama wants to place Hamilton on the Seventh Circuit Court (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin), the very same court that has frequently overturned his own rulings.

One of his opinions that was struck down had ruled that public prayers could not use the name of Jesus, although using the name of Allah was permissible. Another time he ruled the Indiana law requiring abortion providers to give each mother information about alternatives to abortion was unconstitutional. That too was overruled.

Placing him on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals will seriously alter the character of that court and place him on the fast track for Supreme Court nominations. Contact your senators before it is too late.

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