Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Finds A New Way to Bash Bush

I want to join the chorus condemning the release of secret CIA methods of interrogation. And the shift in policy of allowing the prosecution of the people who formulated them appalls me even more.

In the cold light of day, the methods were merely a step or two beyond fraternity initiation rites. How dangerous can it be to threaten to release a caterpillar or non-stinging insect into the room? In contrast to enemies who behead their prisoners in front of video cameras, the CIA methods were masterful for psychological impact on prisoners without harming their bodies.

Apparently Holder, Obama and other Democrats have forgotten that back in 2002 they wondered if CIA and Bush were tough enough on Al Quaeda suspects and detainees. Now, they now only reveal state secrets to the enemy, they undermine all CIA activities in the future. First, because the psychological impact depends on prisoners not knowing for sure what was about to happen, and secondly because no CIA operative will ever feel secure if approval of activities and techniques from Congress, the President, and the Department of Justice is not enough.

It’s beginning to look like Obama thought his oath of office was to hound and discredit his predecessor at home and abroad instead of protecting the country from enemies at home and abroad.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I wish everyone would send that video of the guy who had his throat cut to all of the crazy libbies. Jon Stewart was chiding the waterboarding and everyone forgets that what we do is child's play in comparison.

fairkaye said...

Thanks, Anonymous. It seems that people have lost all sense of perspective, doesn't it. But what I really, really worry about is that in retrospect, they are trying to criminalize the lawyers who gave the opinions. Isn't that why we all go to a lawyer, to get his opinion on our proposed course of action? The judge or jury has the final say, but lawyers guide us by giving us their opinions of what we plan to do.