Saturday, April 18, 2009

The House Gets A New 45

And it’s aimed at all who believe in the Second Amendment. The bill, HR 45 or "Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act,” would require all hand gun or semiautomatic gun owners to register the guns they already own as well as new purchases. It is sponsored by Rep. Bobby Rush from Chicago, the murder capital of the Midwest in spite of stringent gun control laws.

In addition to registration, with accompanying fees, the registrant must be fingerprinted, pass a test, and submit all of his private psychiatric records. Supposedly aimed at stopping multiple homicides, the bill would give second rate bureaucrats authority to decide whether past treatment for depression, for example, would make one likely to shoot up the nearest McDonalds. Even the most highly trained therapists make no claim of infallibility regarding future actions, and certainly a mid-level paper pusher could not know who might become dangerous.

Those who only purchase deer rifles or shot guns would have to submit to similar requirements even in private purchases or trades. Self defense with a gun would become almost impossible due to stringent storage requirements. Should a gun owner change addresses, he must notify the attorney general’s office within sixty days, but he only has 72 hours to report a stolen weapon.

As I wrote earlier statistics regarding dangers of gun ownership disprove all claims made by those who want to control guns. So why do they want to restrict the Second Amendment?

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