Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eight Days And Counting

And the number of Tax Day Tea Parties keeps increasing. Google Maps has so many blue markers on the cities involved that they stack up on top of each other. The Taxed Enough Already parties, sponsored by the American Family Association, are currently counting over 1829 sites for their noontime demonstrations on April 15.

In addition, April 15 will mark the second round of “parties” for grass roots groups inspired by Rick Santelli’s denunciation of the “Stimulus” Bill. They have at least 400 rallies planned around the country, many of them featuring conservative radio or television hosts’ live broadcasts on site.

Although the media pretty much ignored earlier demonstrations, local officials took note. In Cape Coral, Florida and Burleson, Texas, supporters had trouble obtaining parade permits. However parties will be (or have been) held anyway. Also, now that too many are planned to ignore, the media has recently featured preemptive smears from Obama supporters. Some TEA party planners even fear sabotage from groups like ACORN similar to the actions that marred the message during the Denver Anti-Porkulus rally. In spite of opposition, more parties across the land will be scheduled on Saturdays and Independence Day to give everyone a chance to protest, even those who can’t take off from work next Wednesday.

If you’re going to one and don’t have a sign yet, Amy, a graphic artist, has generously offered free designs to download and print on card stock at your local copy shop.

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I'm just testing this because someone said they had trouble with it. I hope you appreciated the article and you'll go to one of the Tea Parties.