Friday, April 24, 2009

Cap and Trade No Matter What

As enough Democrats are backing away from proposed Cap and Trade legislation to force the 60-vote filibuster proof majority, Obama now threatens to achieve his desires through regulation instead. A week ago, the Environmental Protection Agency listed CO2 as a dangerous pollutant and therefore subject to their regulation. Voila! Whatever a bureaucracy wants, a bureaucracy gets, especially since energy is one of Obama’s primary interests.

Previously, Republicans had successfully changed Democrats’ minds about Cap and Trade by arguing it would “tax” every American household at least $3,128 per year. The legislation is still up for a vote, but at the moment passing it with 60 votes appears unlikely.
(You do remember that all initial estimates are way too low.)

It boggles the mind when you consider that this effort and cost is defended as a way of protecting us from Global Warming although there is growing evidence that no such threat exists.

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