Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Flat Earth Society of The 21st Century

Today, Earth Day, 2009, will feature thousands of calls to protect the earth from the scourge of Global Warming. The methods of protection proposed will generally be no more well researched than the “science” of man-made climate change.

For example, the proposal to grow soybeans for fuel to reduce foreign oil dependency would require plowing up and planting the entire state of Minnesota when we could just drill off shore and/or in the Alaskan wilderness for our own oil. The effectiveness of using power generated from wind farms is also questionable at best. Fervent environmentalists, like Sen. Diane Feinstein, forbid setting up windmills in the Mohave Desert because it must be kept pristine. So exactly where would you put them if they did work?

Cap and Trade legislation would probably reduce the entire population to poverty because it acts like a regressive tax on everything in the market. Europe has already tried this method of decreased carbon emissions and found that it only increased costs without reducing emissions.

Years from now, I can imagine school children laughing at our stupidity, just as we used to giggle over the people who believed the earth was flat. The perception that global warming proponents are more interested in control than in the environment will only increase as more discoveries are made.

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